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If you have the asking the question of “where to find tree service near me?” We are the answers to your question. Tree Service Colorado Springs offers comprehensive tree care services aimed at keeping trees in good condition. Our experts are familiar with various species of trees and we offer tree care service tailored to the needs of your tree. And if you need a tree removed in your yard or a stump left-over from previous tree removal, you can call on us for help. Trees play an important role in the environment because of the many benefits they offer. Some of these benefits include providing food and shade, preventing soil erosion, beautifying an area, and purifying the air. Everyone may agree that it’s difficult to have a sustainable earth surviving without trees. Trees that grow around houses, however, need care and maintenance to ensure the safety of people and property. Also, there may be reasons for a tree to be removed. Whether trees have become a safety hazard or that it’s obstructing a new construction, then a tree removal services company can help. 
If you’re looking for experts to help you prune, trim, or cut your trees, then our services are for you. We have a team of professional arborists or tree experts who are knowledgeable of a wide range of tree species to help determine the kind of care they need. Tree Services Colorado Springs will also gladly help you in planting trees or keeping them in great condition. 
We provide a range of tree maintenance services as well as tree stump removal around the area. If you need help in cleaning up fallen trees left after a storm, we’re also available. Call us to learn more about the tree services we can provide you. 

Residential Lawn Care with professional services

Tree Service Colorado Springs Is a tree care company that offers a wide range of tree care and maintenance services for homes and businesses in Colorado Springs. We handle every form of tree care from planting to removal and everything else in between. We offer quality Tree & Shrub Planting Services. We also trim and prune trees to keep them healthy and architecturally sound. We are also available for an emergency cleanup of trees and debris and if you need a tree removed in your yard, we are the one to call.

Emergency Tree & Debris Cleanup Colorado Springs

There are several reasons you may want trees and debris removed fast from your premises. This can be due to the aftermath of wind or simply as a way to avoid disaster by removing the tree or its weak limbs before it even breaks off. Trees and debris cleanup should be handled by professionals that understand the sense of urgency in tree removal and can clean up trees and debris in the yard effectively. A heavy storm will usually bring damage to a place and if you happen to need help cleaning up debris left after a storm, you can count on us to be there. After a storm, our team is prepared to perform the best techniques to remove debris. After removal, there’s no need to worry about the next step because we know how to properly dispose of them.

We have various resources such as manpower and equipment ready to get into action when the need arises. It’s our mission to help the community in times of trouble, so when we receive your call, we’ll immediately assess the situation and take proper actions. 

After a storm, we highly suggest having your trees checked by our arborist. This kind of preventive maintenance will help improve the life and health of the trees around you. Knowing that the surrounding trees are strong and sound, will give you peace of mind knowing that they’re not in danger of falling or breaking any time. 

Tree Trimming & Tree Pruning Colorado Springs

Trimming and pruning the trees in your yard is essential to keep them healthy and in good condition. Sometimes, pruning is also carried out to improve the aesthetics of your property. Young trees are commonly pruned to help them grow with the right architecture and maintain the overall integrity of the structure. Tree Crown cleaning and thinning involve cutting away dead and diseased tree limbs or live ones for a wide range of reasons. Trees can grow beautifully even without much attention but giving it some care and maintenance will make it look even more stunning. Sometimes, though, tree maintenance can take up much of your precious time. The good thing is that we have experts who know how to best care for your trees. Some people have trees in their property that they’d like to stay healthy while keeping their surroundings safe. For keeping your trees in check, you can count on our tree experts to help you. Our arborist will come and check your tree’s health. Then from his assessment, he’ll determine the care steps needed for your tree and design a maintenance plan. 

Trimming and pruning can be part of your tree’s maintenance. Without regular trimming and pruning, large branches can cause accidents especially when they fall on electrical wires, property, or people. 

Tree Trimming Colorado Springs is ready to help care for your trees. To learn more about our services, contact us today. 

Tree Removal Colorado Springs

While we care about trees and offer our professional service to keep them in good and healthy condition, we understand that there are cases that require trees to be removed entirely. Tree removal services Colorado Springs can be required to get rid of a tree in order to make room for a new landscaping project or fixture in your yard. Trees may also be removed or cut down as a safety measure to protect your property. Tree removal is also a common part of emergency storm damage cleanup services. Only a professional can handle the tough job of cutting down trees and you should always leave it to them. We offer tree removal services for valid reasons. When you call us for the removal of a tree, we want to know the reasons why you want it removed. Valid reasons will include old, diseased, or weak trees, such that they pose a hazard to the public. Our arborist will then check if your claim is valid. If he determines that the tree can still be saved, he’ll inform you of some alternatives. Another reason for tree removal is because it poses as an obstruction to your planned construction. Should you call us for help, our Tree Removal Colorado Springs are equipped with the right tools, expertise, and knowledge.  

Stump Grinding & Stump Removal Colorado Springs

Unless you request for it specifically as part of your tree removal services, tree stumps are usually left in place. While most people are not bothered about having a stump in their yard, there are dangers of keeping them in place and they are quite unsightly. If you have finally decided to let that tree stump go the way the rest of the tree did, you can choose to either grind it up or have it removed entirely along with the roots. Another lesser-known method of getting rid of tree stumps is the chemical method. You can speak to our professionals for the best method for you and order for it immediately. After cutting a tree, a stump is left behind. Although it’s possible to just leave it to rot, many stumps will continue growing new shoots, which may not please someone planning to build a new home on the site. When you use our services to remove your tree, you are guaranteed that we’ll remove the tree stump as well. Our experts will use the appropriate techniques to remove the stump without incurring damage to your surroundings. 

Tree stump removal isn’t always recommended as a DIY project primarily because you need experience and equipment to do it effectively. If you’ve found a stump that wasn’t completely removed in your property, you can still call us and have it removed.

Tree & Shrub Planting Services Colorado Springs

Without question, planting trees is highly beneficial. Asides improving the curb appeal of your home, tree planting boosts the value of your property. A home with a well-managed tree is likely to sell higher and faster than a similar home without it. Tree planting may also be mandated by certain legislation. We are a professional tree service company, Colorado Springs. We not only cut down trees, but we also plant trees that are strong and healthy on residential and commercial properties in Colorado Springs. Our team of experts doesn’t just work to remove or cut trees but also to grow more! Although many people think that planting trees can be successfully done by anyone, it’s not really the case. For a tree to grow and achieve its maximum potential, there are some techniques to follow. For the best growth of your trees, our dependable arborists will use their knowledge to help you. They’ll know the appropriate distances to leave between trees, the best time to plant them, and the best location. They’ll ensure that the trees won’t grow too close to your home, electrical wiring, or pipes. Also, they’ll provide you more information on how to care for your newly planted trees. 

Firewood For Sale Colorado Springs

We offer firewood for sale in Colorado Springs. Whether you are looking to stack up for winter, preparing for you a camping trip or nights out by the fire pit, we supply good quality wood that burns and lasts for a long time. We supply hardwood like oak and maple as well as softwood like Pine. Firewood is sold in cords and how much each cord will last depends on several factors including your needs and how you use the firewood. For your firewood needs, we offer our premium firewood. We guarantee that we only provide our customers with properly seasoned firewood. Our team follows the necessary steps in splitting and storing wood indoors to keep it dry and away from rain and the elements, which may slow down the drying process and result to rotten or moldy wood. When you use high-quality firewood, it generates more heat with less smoke compared to one that’s been improperly stored.

We split and process a variety of wood and remove low-quality ones. After seasoning them for months, they’re ready to be delivered to our customers. 


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Get in touch with us to inquire about our services or request a quote. Send a mail with your inquiries or call our customer services line for a prompt response. We will answer any questions you may have about each of the services we offer. We can also schedule a consultation or inspection of your property so we can recommend the best tree care or removal services for you. ​For your tree maintenance services whether you want your trees trimmed, cut, or pruned, or to inquire about other services we offer, send us an email to request a quote. For faster response, you can also contact our customer service.